The Mad Man (Glide Bait)

Our biggest seller, the Mini Mad Man

  • Wood - Typically slow sink, with a notable wobble on the fall, highly effective for triggering strikes on the pause. These will sink slightly slower than 1' per second. Due to variations in the grain of wood, each bait can be slightly different, which is one of the beauties of wood baits. Some have more hangtime, and some wobble faster on the fall, but all are phenomenal fish catchers!
  • Resin- Please contact for your specific desires if seeking resin, because we have 2 styles. Resin allows for precise calculations and measurements for the specific gravity of the material, allowing for specific actions and buoyancies. First, a neutrally buoyant version, meaning the bait will not float, yet will not sink fast either. They have major hang time and almost seem like they are in outer space. The second version is a fast sinking version that will sink slightly faster than 1' per second and has a very pronounced wobble on the fall, and is a very erratic, fast darting bait. The perfect choice for those that like to quick hop glide baits and fish them fast to locate active fish. Glide baits aren't only for inactive fish or fishing slow!!

All baits are finished and layered with multiple coats of TrueCoat epoxy to provide a crystal clear, ultra durable finish to withstand repeated abuse from toothy critters. These baits are meant to be fished hard and get chomped!

6 Most Popular Sellers

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