New for 2018 $65

Natural Series $60-70

These patterns feature the ultra realistic details on popular forage types in many lakes throughout the country. We use both high end and one of a kind paints created in-house to create a hyper realistic shimmer underwater in natural light. This emulates an actual live fish in the water as much as possible when combined with the color contrasts of the paint patterns. Each pattern in this series features it's own unique style of bright foil or a unique texture under a coat of epoxy prior to painting. This enhances flash and realism in the water and truly makes the finished product shine. As with all our baits, these are finished with TrueCoat epoxy to ensure they fish hard and look beautiful

Chrome Series $60

Unlike many baits with chrome finishes on the market, these patterns undergo a time consuming process to ensure the mirror-like chrome finish is maintained, and shines through both paint and epoxy top coats like no other chrome finish out there. 

Typically, "chrome" paint is dulled to a matte grey when epoxy is applied over the top, forcing many manufacturers to apply chrome as a flaky topcoat, prone to peeling. These finishes are not meant to stand up to a gamefish, and peel off rather quickly. Our method still allows the chrome to shine under numerous coats of tough epoxy, where it will not scratch off anytime soon

The Classics $40-45

On the backburner for a while, these are some of the very first mad man colors. Since I'm always striving to push the boundaries on what a lure can look like, these have provided inspiration for a lot of newer pattern ideas.  Just solid fish catching colors! Still features the best epoxy out there with layers of TrueCoat keeping them safe