About Madtown Lures

Striving to fuel the passion of Musky fishing in customers and non-customers alike

Each of our baits is painstakingly crafted by hand and tank tested before reaching your hands. The baits are designed and built by Adam Bergendahl, who has been musky fishing for over 15 years, getting more and more enthralled with each passing year. It is our mission to bring happiness, and true excitement to our customers with the purchase of our baits, and continued joy with each day on the water and fish in the net. Even if you don't own one of our baits, we hope they can bring a smile to your face or catch your attention and get you excited to go fishing!

In musky fishing, you must have confidence in what you are doing, if you want to keep a positive mind and have success. With the combination of craftsmanship, lifelike action, and highly intricate paint jobs, we hope to help you literally attach confidence to the end of your leader

About Adam

I've been passionately chasing muskies for over 15 years now, and have been admittedly addicted since first tangling with one on accident while bass fishing many years ago. I've always been a tinkerer with everything I do, to try to get everything functioning at peak efficiency, and love to create new ideas in the process. After messing with baits for a number of years, I decided to start building my own. Shortly after, with the ups and downs of learning what goes into producing a quality bait, I started Madtown Lures. There hasn't been a day that has gone by where I have not thought about ways to improve my craft and hone my skills, both from a painting aspect, and from a craftsmanship aspect. I strive to build the best baits on the market, and my biggest goal is for my baits to bring the same excitement and happiness to my customers that musky baits have brought to me since I was a young child.